Marko Mitranić


  • 2017 Web Design and Development

    BSc with Honours, first class, SAE Institute of Technology, Middlesex University London

  • 2010 Architect Scientific High School Diploma

    Architectural High School “Vojislav Ilić” in Belgrade


  • Serbian - Proficient, native

  • English - Proficient FCE (B2)

  • Russian - Beginner (A2)


  • 2017 Catena Media

    (Full Stack Developer) Symfony, MongoDB, DevOps and frontend. Infrastructure rework and team coordination.

  • 2017 SAE Institute

    (Senior Lecturer) Second year of bachelor studies (5k Level). PHP, JS, WP, Laravel, VueJS, React.

  • 2016 Digital Mind LLC

    (Full Stack Developer) Unity C#, NodeJS, PHP, CouchDB, frontend

  • 2015 Homullus

    (Freelance) Various commercial projects. WP and Symfony. Some JS, Docker and C#.

  • 2015-16 DooApp

    (Web Developer) Ops, PHP, SSO, JS, SCSS, Laravel, WP.


  • 2015 BlackSheep Creative

    (Freelance Developer) WordPress, Cordova Apps, Frontend

  • 2013 Macola Apple Solution Expert

    (Developer) FileMaker POS, WordPress and WooCommerce, Frontend, PHP.

  • 2012 BFPE-BFPI

    (Developer & IT) WP development for 5 sites. Custom themes and plugins. Server, Network and workstation set up and administration for the whole company.

  • 2011-15 Macola Apple Solution Expert

    (Service Manager) Service Technician and team lead, 4 people on 2 locations. Communication with Apple Inc.


  • PHP Srbija Workshop

    GeoIP and Symfony cache - on a large scale

  • PHP Srbija Workshop

    Boosting your performance with Blackfire

  • Conferants Meetup Lecture

    45min lecture on the nature of Debugging

  • PC Press Top 50

    Nikola Tesla Experience

  • Iab Mixx Awards

    Best Microsite - Cokograd

  • WhitestormJS Showcase

    Plateaux Space

  • Diplomacy&Commerce

    Education - Nikola Tesla Exp.

  • Free Wordpress Workshops

    WP lectures for WDD students


  • 2018 Ajncer

    Background Job queue Symfony, Docker.

  • 2018 Feshbach Bot

    Telegram chatbot for Resonate festival. Symfony, PHP.

  • 2018 AG IPS Forums

    IPS Forums Application and SSO integration. PHP

  • 2018 Macola

    Rewrite and migration of the whole WP shop.

  • 2017

    Best casino affiliate website. Full Stack, for real.

  • 2017 Catena Giferator

    A set of GIF optimization scripts. Shell, PHP ffmpeg

  • 2017 Kaputt

    Custom vanilla PHP CMS, clothes forecast algorhythm.

  • 2017

    Interactive musical collaboration app. Node, ThreeJS, Wjs, Howler.

  • 2017 Pinkosensitivism

    Instagram API integration + scraping. Symfony, JS

  • 2017

    Design & Development, Wordpress, jQuery, SASS

  • 2017

    Design & Development, Wordpress, jQuery, SASS

  • 2016 Web Scrape Bot

    PHP bot for scraping webpage social analytics.

  • 2016

    Laravel & Wordpress integration and customized build. Blade templating, Bootrstap, UIKit, JS, Sass

  • 2016 Sportify

    Mobile app for sports team management. Unity, NodeJS, CouchBase DB.

  • 2016 ZentMagazine

    WP template and custom eccommerce implementation with Paypal. WP, PHP

  • 2016

    IAB MIXX Award, design, frontend, PHP & ffmpeg giferator

  • 2016 PHP Giferator

    ffmpeg and PHP library for converting videos into animated Gifs with caption support.

  • 2016 DoziviTeslu VR

    Website and VR experience. PC Press Top 50 Award, UI, Unity, FullStack.

  • 2016 Marco Grob Photo

    Augmented Reality mobile app with dynamic markers from web based source. Unity

  • 2016 Šabac National Museum

    3x2m multitouch display, Win10 apps, interactive installations. Unity, Raspberry Pi

  • 2016 Imlek Lešnik

    Web based JS game made in Unity

  • 2016 VIP Beach Masters

    Kinect based volleyball game. Unity, Kinect

  • 2016 Aqua Viva

    Unity game and interactive multitouch 8x6m installation.

  • 2015 EngSocial

    Auth and SSO for Joomla and Canvas LMS. Frontend work, custom plugins and DevOps.

  • 2015 InnovationBrain

    Wordpress, custom page builder, jQuery, SASS

  • 2015 ParkkiPaikka

    Cordova & Google Maps API based mobile app for Helsinki parking authority.

  • 2015 SpellCheck Plugins

    Set of projects and TinyMCE plugins concerning custom spellcheck.